Greetings from my couch to yours!

I Hope you're all doing well and weathering these strange times,

staying home and staying safe.

I've been trying to keep things positive and make sure that I'm staying busy. 

Thankfully we live in a time where there's so much content available to us between television, movies and music streaming, so with live comedy in clubs and theaters out of the question until group settings are deemed safe again I've been doing comedy in my home and have some stuff for you to check out.


I don't have any income now because my temporary job (in the last 11 years) is out of service (restaurants are closed in Boston)
and no shows for now. I know it's a tough time to all of us! but if you do find any way to help me out I do accept tips on PayPal and Venmo.
Beside that any feedback, share, like and subscription will make me so happy!


If you still need a laugh, a recommendation, a talk-
please feel free to reach out to me through
Instagram or Facebook!

I am always here for you!

Stay home, stay safe and soon it'll be behind us!





No upcoming events at the moment


Yael Gavish was born and raised in Israel.

No, not in Tel-Aviv, and not in Jerusalem, sorry, Rehovot city baby. 

At the age of 5 she already knew that she wants to make people laugh and make the world a better place.

She started her first step on a stage at the Camel Comedy Club (this is Tel-Aviv, you know this city, right?) in 2005 at the age of 15 in Hebrew.

She discovered she can tell jokes in English in 2010 in Stockholm and kept practicing in Israel and during traveling. 

After 10 years of studying and practicing French she made her biggest dream come true when she went up on stage in 2015 and told jokes in French (that was a tough one, but worth it). 

At the end of 2015 she moved to Boston, MA and left the French behind (for now!).

2017 She started producing a standup comedy show called "Where Are You REALLY From" which turned recently into a podcast she travels with.

2019 She finally found her favorite thing so far and started touring with her new one woman show "ISRAELI WONDER" around the states (and hopefully will get to Europe in 2020).


"זוהי המציאות הפורצת ממופעה של יעל. היא מכה בנו סטירות המנסות לטלטל ולהעיר אותנו בחן משובב. קיים פה קשר בין הקומי והטרגי ההופכים לשתי פנים של דבר אחד. הקהל התפקע מצחוק מבעיותיה של יעל שתוארו באופן מצחיק ובבדיחות הדעת. יעל הופכת את הלימון ללימונדה."

"This is the groundbreaking ceremony of Yael's one person show. She hits us with verbal slaps that try to shake and wake us up with grace. There is a connection between the comic and the tragic that become two faces of one thing. The audience burst out laughing at Yael's problems that were described in a funny and joking manner. Yael is able to turn the lemons of her life into comedic lemonade."

—  Anat Tanner, Ynet


Did I make you laugh? 

yes? where? when? please tell me! 





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